Step 4 - Review and Maintain Plan

Review plan

People's needs change, which is why it is important to review emergency plans.   Guidelines suggest reviewing plans annually.  Make sure everyone involved in this plan are aware of any changes you make and are provided with a new copy of the plan.

Check and Restock Emergency Kits

Expiry dates of all items within  your emergency kits and also fire extinguishers should be checked and replaced if necessary.  Batteries for torches and smoke alarms should also be checked and replaced.  If possible attempt to make these checks every 6 months.

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Whilst you may not be able to practice all steps of a plan; attempts should be made to practice as much as possible.  During this practice involve the people who you have indicated as being able to assist.  It is important they are aware of what is expected of them in the event of an emergency.

To help you maintain your emergency readiness, we have prepared calendar reminders for you to add to your calendar.


Perform a test fire drill:

Change your smoke alarm battery:

Revise your emergency ready plan:

Step 4 Checklist

Have you reviewed your plan?

Have you checked and restocked your emergency kits?

Have you practiced and run through your plan?

Have you downloaded recurring calendar reminders?

You're all done! You are now emergency ready