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Safety Out and About

Safe Travel on Public Transport

Transport for NSW Safe Travel Information provides links and information on safe travel on NSW Public Transport, including tips for travel on trains, buses, taxis, light rail and ferries.

Accessible Transport in NSW

Transport for NSW Accessible Information provides links and information on accessible transport in NSW including accessible trains and stations, buses, ferries and wharves, community transport, light rail, wheelchair accessible taxis, assistance animals on transport, timetables and companion cards and more.

Transport for NSW Information for People with Disabilities provides information about travelling on public transport with a specific focus on disability.

Enable NSW

Enable NSW provides aids and equipment including wheelchairs to people living with a disability. Enable NSW is responsible for organising repairs for the equipment they supply, including manual and powered wheelchairs and scooters.

If you have an Enable NSW supplied wheelchair or scooter and need to request a repair, you can call Enable on 1800 362 253 Monday to Friday 9am- 5pm or visit their Repairs and Maintenance webpage.

Please Note: Enable NSW is unable to do repairs outside of business hours. In an emergency situation, if your equipment does not work and you cannot reasonably wait until business hours, you may contact the repairer directly to arrange a repair.

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NRMA Roadside Assistance offers a free wheelchair assistance service for wheelchair and scooter users in the event of a flat tyre either at a residential address or when you are out in the community.

 A technician will be able to assist you by changing the tyre, if you are carrying a spare tyre or tube. You do not need to be an NRMA member to access this Service.

You can contact this service on 13 11 11.

Please Note: For assistance at a residential address the NRMA will only be able to provide assistance during the hours of 10am -1pm and 7pm- 9pm and only if the wheelchair can be brought outside of the home.