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Contacting Triple Zero (000)

Triple Zero (000) is the emergency contact number that you can use Australia-wide to get emergency assistance.

You should use Triple Zero (000) in the following circumstances:

  • if a crime is occurring, you are worried that a crime is about to occur, or if someone is in a life-threatening situation
  • if you, or someone with you, have an urgent medical emergency
  • building fire or bushfire
  • serious motor vehicle accidents
  • building collapse
  • hazardous materials emergencies

How do I contact Triple Zero (000)?

If you can communicate by phone:

  • You can call Triple Zero (000) 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any landline, pay phone or mobile phone. Calls to Triple Zero (000) are always free;
  • If you are using a pay phone you won’t need to use coins or a phonecard;
  • If you are using a pre-paid mobile phone with no credit, you can still call Triple Zero (000).

If you have a disability that affects your ability to communicate by phone:

There are a number of accessible ways to contact Triple Zero (000):  

Things to know when contacting Triple Zero (000)

Knowing how to contact Triple Zero (000) for an emergency can be the difference between life and death. When you call Triple Zero (000) a Telstra Operator is the first person you will speak to.  They will ask you which emergency service you need – POLICE, FIRE, AMBULANCE, and then put you through to the appropriate service.
  • Stay calm and contact Triple Zero (000) from a safe location
  • When you have been put through to the emergency service you requested the operator will ask you for details of the emergency
  • The operator will ask you where you are, including the name of the street and the number, the nearest cross street, and the name of the suburb. In rural areas it is important to give the full address and distances from landmarks and roads, not just the name of the property
  • Keep communicating with the operator until they advise you otherwise
If possible, wait outside at a prearranged meeting point or in a prominent location. This will assist the emergency services to find you or the incident.

How do I know where I am?

If you ever need emergency assistance but don’t know your exact location, the Emergency+ App can access your phone’s GPS to calculate latitude and longitude, so when you call Triple Zero (000) you can provide your location details to get the emergency service you need.

The Emergency+ app is available to download from the: 

Apple App Store 

Google Play Store

Contacting Police

You should contact the NSW Police Force via Triple Zero (000) if a crime is occurring, you are worried that a crime is about to occur, or if someone is in a life-threatening situation.

For non-urgent police assistance and general enquiries call 131 444.

Click on the guidelines from the NSW Police Force for more information on seeking assistance from the police in both urgent and non-urgent situations.

Contacting an Ambulance

You should contact the NSW Ambulance Service via Triple Zero (000) if you have an urgent medical emergency.

The NSW Ambulance website has a comprehensive guide to requesting an ambulance that includes a link to the standard set of questions the operator will need you to answer.

If you require health information, and you are not experiencing an emergency, you can contact Healthdirect or call 1800 022 222.

Contacting Fire and Rescue NSW

Fire and Rescue NSW is the NSW emergency service which responds to structural fires, motor vehicle accidents, gas leaks, chemical spills and structural building damage. 

The Fire and Rescue NSW website has useful information on the different types of emergencies they respond to and how to stay safe in different situations.

Contacting the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS)

The NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) responds to bushfires. 

The best way to contact the RFS in an emergency is by using Triple Zero (000).

The RFS website includes a range of resources on understanding your risk of bushfire, understanding bushfire danger ratings and preparing your home against bushfire.  

Contacting NSW State Emergency Service (SES) 

The NSW SES responds to events such as property damage from storms or strong winds, major roof leaks, and floods.

For emergency help in flood, storm and tsunami contact 132 500.

If it is a life threatening emergency call Triple Zero (000).

Watch the short video here explaining when to call the SES.