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What if I Have an Assistance Animal?

It is just as important to prepare an emergency plan for your assistance animals or pets, because they are part of the family, after all!

It is also important to remember that assistance animals may be stressed or traumatised during emergency situations and may not behave as they usually do.

You should not be denied access to transport or any venues (including evacuation centres and Neighbourhood Safer Places) because you have an assistance animal.

The NSW SES has very helpful information for planning for animals in an emergency on it’s Get Ready Animals page.

A Guide Dog walks next to its owner along a railway station platform

Some things to think about:

  • How do I transport my assistance animal? 
  • Do I need a secure space for my assistance animal, like a pen or carry cage? 
  • What does my assistance animal need to be safe and comfortable? 
  • What places will be suitable to go to with my assistance animal (e.g. less stressful, access to toileting facilities, access to water/shelter)
  • Who can support me if I need help with my assistance animal?