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Fire Safety at Home

Fire and Rescue NSW have produced Home Fire Safety Checklist with ideas for keeping your home fire safe.

They  have also produced guides for Kitchen Fire Safety and Installation and Maintenance of Smoke Alarms.

Fire Safety

The Fire Safety program is run by Fire and Rescue NSW, and assists seniors and people with a disability.

Fire and Rescue personnel will visit your home to install smoke alarms or replace smoke alarm batteries (smoke alarm and batteries must be supplied by resident).

To find out more visit the Fire Safety program web page or call 1800 151 614.

Fire Safety for People Who Are Deaf and Hearing Impaired

This Fact Sheet provided by Fire and Rescue NSW has information on obtaining specialised fire alarms and information on how to make a call using the 106-emergency relay service.

Medical Oxygen Safety Checklist

Checklist prepared by Fire and Rescue NSW providing safety tips for those who use medical oxygen.

Medical Oxygen Safety Checklist.