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Emergency planning for people with physical disabilities

This website has been developed by the Physical Disability Council of NSW. To learn more about this website project, click the link below.

Plan to be OK in an emergency or natural disaster.
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Types of Emergencies

Learn about different types of emergencies,
danger ratings, alerts and more.

Preparing for Emergencies

There’s a lot that can be done to make sure you are safe and comfortable in an emergency. Learn how to prepare an emergency evacuation kit and more.

Contacting Triple Zero (000)

When should you contact Triple Zero? What accessible ways of contacting Triple Zero (000) are available for people with disability, and what information will the operator need from you?

During an Emergency

Learn about the process of evacuation from floods and fires. Find out about the roles services such as State Emergency Service (SES), Police, Fire and Rescue NSW etc. have in situations of emergency and how they can assist you.

Recovering From an Emergency

If you have been through a stressful emergency situation, or know someone who has, it is important to understand the recovery process, including supports you may need, and how to access them.

Emergencies and natural disasters happen – and when they do they can be terrifying!

This website been developed by the Physical Disability Council of NSW as a resource hub for people with disability to get the information they need to understand, prepare for, and respond to different emergency situations including bushfire, flood, severe storms and major power outages. 

We have three main goals – to help you consider the types of emergencies or natural disasters that might affect you, to familiarise yourself with how to get assistance in an emergency if you need it, and last of all, to give you the confidence to stay safe and in control.

This website is divided into sections. The first section has information on how to contact Triple Zero (000), the second section focuses on general safety, both at home and in the community. The third section focuses on specific emergencies and natural disasters, including bushfire, floods and major power outages. 

The fourth section guides you through the process of thinking about your specific circumstances, capacities and limitations and provides a four step structure to assist you to develop your own emergency response plan.  

The website is full of resources and links from emergency service organisations and other key resource bodies, with a focus on  information developed to support people with physical disability and the broader disability community. 

We hope the information in this website gives you the knowledge and confidence to plan for emergencies and natural disasters!